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Pix from Happy Ending – Last Week & The Week Before

March 22, 2010 at 10:29 pm

The pix from our first two parties at Happy Ending are up on our facebook fan page (you don’t need to have facebook to see them, but I’m guessing you have facebook). Check them out, tag yourself if you were there, and take a second to become a fan of ours on facebook if you’re not already.

Here’s the link to the album (33 pix) – Pix From the Parties

By the way, a bunch of people have been asking what’s going on with us and Happy Endings, so here’s the deal. They gave us a two-week run on Tuesday night, and the management seemed to be really happy with our music and our vision for the party. They also promised a new production team called Night Kids the chance at a trial run. So we won’t be there this week and next week while they get their shot, and after that we’ll see what happens. Either way, we’ll keep you posted about what we’ve got going on there and anywhere else. Happy Ending will still be running the open vodka bar from 11-12, but I’m not sure if they’ll be running a raffle for bar tabs or free drinks for twitter and foursquare users – you’ll have to check with the bar.

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