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Some Overdue Thanks

March 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm

As you probably already know, about a month ago we put out a remix of Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick Push,” the first remix we made public. We honestly didn’t expect it to get as much attention as it got, but we wanted to thank a handful of bloggers who spotlighted it and and really helped the remix (and us) to get noticed.

Extra special thanks to:
Different Kitchen: A great blog that (mostly) focuses on rap. It’s one of the few non-electronic music blogs that in my rss feed, and it was their post that got noticed by Lupe himself and pushed us to #2 on the hypem twitter chart.

Me & All My Friends: Their post put us into the top 20 on the hypem popular page, where we peaked at #17.

Indiehere: The first blog to post about our remix. Their post launched us into the top 40 on hypem.

And a big thanks to the other blogs that posted about our track, and to everyone who took the time to take a listen: Blastercase, Cause=Time, Das Klienicum, Doobybrain, The Fast Life, Feral Party Kids, Silence is a Rhythm Too, and Skippers Chippers. We really appreciate all of the support.

  Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push ((Pretty) Girls & Lasers Remix) by prettygirlsandlasers

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